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  • Build-a-Prayer-Habit Box
  • Build-a-Prayer-Habit Box
  • Build-a-Prayer-Habit Box
  • Build-a-Prayer-Habit Box
  • Build-a-Prayer-Habit Box
  • Build-a-Prayer-Habit Box
  • Build-a-Prayer-Habit Box

Build-a-Prayer-Habit Box

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Build-a-Prayer-Habit Custom Box

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The book included in this ritual set was requested some years back by a Shrine gift shop customer, and our book buyer on reviewing it found it such a helpful resource that we've decided to include it in our very first custom prayer box as a good place to start for those seeking to deepen their prayer lives. It takes its inspiration from the ancient liturgical prayer rhythms of the Church but in a manner that draws you into a gentle reintroduction with silence by way of short but profound readings from the tradition, and small, manageable time commitments. From the introduction,

Most Christians today are struggling spiritually, especially when it comes to spending time with God. You may be one of them. If so, it might help you to know that the struggle is real, and that you are far from alone... Too many of us have a relationship with Jesus that is seriously underdeveloped. We talk to God, or even perhaps at God, but don't actually listen to him very much. And that is nothing less than a global spiritual crisis-- especially when we consider that God intends for his love to reach the world through us!

The outlook may seem bleak. But what if I told you that, while the problem is real and pervasive, it is far from a lost cause? There is a way to live a relaxed, unhurried, contended life in Jesus amidst the pressures and difficulties of life. There is a way to mature into spiritual adulthood anchored in the love of God. There is a way to remain thoughtful when triggered in conversations and listen for God's voice. There is a way to surrender to God's love and will consistently-- even when it is difficult. There is a way to give our lives in service to others without becoming chronically exhausted. 

How? The answer lies in intentionally rearranging our days to integrate the Christian practice of being still and silent in God's presence.

While developing a prayer habit or "rule" can be challenging, particularly for those of us living in the noisy, modern world, reintroducing ritual elements like candle and incense lighting at home can assist in reenforcing the habit by way of beauty and bringing the whole person, soul and body into the process-- and many find beginning new, visceral positive habits can greatly assist in breaking older, destructive ones.

This inaugural ritual prayer basket includes:

  • Emotionally Healthy Spirituality Day by Day: A 40-Day Journey with the Daily Office (reg $14.99)
  • 40 sticks of incense (Frankincense/Myrrh) + burner holder (reg $7.99)
  • Red votive candle holder (1 votive included) (reg $5.95)
  • 4 100% beeswax votive candles (reg $16.00)
  • Our Lady of Peace 4 inch custom statue (reg $9.00)
  • Our Lady of Peace wood custom rosary (reg 16.99)
  • Icon Prayer card of the Lord Jesus with the Trinity at His Heart (reg $0.50)

A $70 value - may be selected to have all items blessed before shipping - Oremus ! 

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