We appreciate everyone's patience as we struggle to reopen fully! 


As of mid-October appointments are no longer necessary but we continue to be open:


Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, 1pm-6pm *ONLY*

We continue to be operating with only 1 staff member for all web & in-store sales/ordering/inventory management etc., so your patience & understanding as we work to expand from here in the weeks & months ahead is greatly appreciated. (This is also why there are not more items yet on the webstore, we hope to have the staff resources to add more soon.)


Please note: The large, blessed votive candles in glass are no longer available in our gift shop, instead they are currently available about 25 feet back from the main entrance to the church, with a box there to leave your donation for the church (checks can be made out to Our Lady of Peace Church) -- this has been frustrating for many who are used to picking them up by the box in our gift shop to take home (they were originally intended for visitors to the shrine to light in the church) & so to accommodate the demand we have made a large selection of candles, including 100% beeswax (& more coming) available for home use here on our webstore -- all candles purchased here can be selected to be blessed by a priest of Our Lady of Peace before shipping or being picked up curbside-- if picking up please allow 3 days in between order & pickup to make sure we are able to have them blessed & ready to go when you arrive.


Mass procedures/times as of Monday, October 26th:

Last week Santa Clara County issued a new ordinance through the Public Health Department.  Since the ordinances apply to many different groups in the county, it takes some time for the Diocese to examine and determine how it affects us as a local Church.  So, I want to thank you for your patience!

Having received these updates from the Diocese of San Jose, how does it affect us here at Our Lady of Peace?

  1. To accommodate the amount of people we have attending our weekend masses (Sat. Vigil & Sunday Masses), we will continue our current practice of having all these masses in the parking lot.
  2. Except the Noon mass, which will remain in the parking lot, our Daily Masses (6:30AM, 8AM, 5:15PM) will be held inside the Church (100 person limit), with additional seating available outdoors in the grotto or in the side-hall.  Social-distancing between households and the use of masks will need to be observed at all times.
  3. We can now accommodate up to 100 people in the church, so the perpetual adoration restriction is lifted and people may come and go more freely.  This is a blessing!

Here is the current Mass schedule & locations effective Monday, October 26th:

Weekday Mass Schedule
Monday to Friday
6:30AM          Inside Church + additional seating in side hall or grotto.
8:00AM          Inside Church + additional seating in side hall or grotto.
NOON            Parking lot - Automobile-Based Gathering
5:15PM          Inside Church + additional seating in side hall or grotto.

           Inside Church + additional seating in side hall or grotto.
8:00AM           Inside Church + additional seating in side hall or grotto.

Note: Current County Guidelines state: the maximum number of people allowed at an indoor gathering is 100 people OR 25% of the facility's capacity, whichever is fewer.  And for the outdoor (non-automobile based) gatherings the maximum number of people allowed at an outdoor gathering of any type is 200 people.  Therefore, our gathering locations, church, side hall, and outdoor grotto will be restricted to the current count directives.

For all those participating in mass, face masks will be required at all times regardless of whether you choose to sit indoors or outdoors.  Please bring your own personal hand sanitizer and respect social-distancing at all times.  For those who choose to participate in the mass outside, please bring your own chair.

Weekend Mass Schedule – Saturday Evening & Sunday
5:00PM           Parking lot - Automobile-Based Gathering
7:00PM           Parking lot - Automobile-Based Gathering
6:30AM           Parking lot - Automobile-Based Gathering
8:00AM           Parking lot - Automobile-Based Gathering
10:00AM         Parking lot - Automobile-Based Gathering
NOON             Parking lot - Automobile-Based Gathering
2:00PM           Parking lot - Automobile-Based Gathering
4:00PM           Parking lot - Automobile-Based Gathering
6:00PM           Parking lot - Automobile-Based Gathering
8:00PM           Parking lot - Automobile-Based Gathering

As we continue through this phase, we continue to thank you and ask you for your continued patience and flexibility. 

Now that we have resumed perpetual adoration, for those who are able and feel safe, I encourage you to stop through and spend some time in quiet prayer. For more information about how to become a member of the Perpetual Adoration Ministry at the parish please visit our website at:

Lastly, a gentle but important Reminder: Pray the Rosary!