God's Miracles in Our Lives - Everyday Catholicism

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Through the ages up to and including ours, Catholics have witnessed or heard about miraculous events that offer supernatural evidence of God s existence and involvement in our lives. Here is a selection of astonishing true stories that will leave you convinced of the reality of God like never before. This remarkable collation includes the accounts of:

    • Angry 15-year-old Cynthia, who scorns her mother s belief that God will always provide until she sees an incredible result. ( Thanksgiving Angel )
    • Dawn, who although not Catholic is asked by her dying son if she too can see Mary at his bedside. ( Pretty Lady )
    • Courtney, in tears and praying in the back seat of her mother s car after it had stalled, watches the impossible as the gas gauge needle suddenly begins moving above E. ( Fueled by Faith )
    • Terrie, a cash-strapped newlywed who skips a weekly milk purchase only to marvel at how long their one gallon lasts. ( The Milk Jug )
    • Martha, who after 50 years still feels the flood of God s love for her nine-year-old self, who had asked Him for healing and then looked in the mirror. ( Warts and All )

The Everyday Catholicism series from Chicken Soup for the Soul and Sophia Institute Press are books not only about living the Faith, but also about a Faith that is living. These powerful, uplifting stories show the love of God and His actual presence and engagement in our lives if only we have the eyes to see! A great gift for Confirmation, RCIA, birthdays, weddings, and holidays.

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